who are we – and what the heck is a radagast?

We wanted a name that represents both our personalities and the love we have for our craft. Kyle has always been inspired by fantasy fiction, and Chelsea draws her creativity from the natural world. Put those together and you get Radagast – who is also a fictitious wizard.

We care about …

Cultivating connection and community through human-centered storytelling

Amplifying voices to manifest meaningful change

Creating stellar experiences and having fun – because that’s what life is about.

Hiya! Were Chelsea & Kyle

We’re an empathetic pair who thrive on the human connections we build through the stories we tell. After years of hustling in the freelance and corporate worlds, the Radagast seeds were planted, stemming simply from the desire to dive into this work more fully together. We’re humans and storytellers first and foremost – and our partnership allows us to balance each others’ strengths and dial in as a team.

We believe the mountains are the best place to play. We share a fierce love for travel, film and are always on the hunt for the best hole-in-the-wall resturant. We balance each other’s quirks, read the other’s mind (mostly), we annoy each other, and then push each other to be better. And we are one helluva team!

Chelsea, Radagast Creative, Photography

meet chels.

She’s all details. She’s the planner and organizer; the all-scenarios-thinker who likes to be cozy. With a documentary background and gnarly editing skills, Chels loves finding the story in a mess of footage.

After spending 5 months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, she dreams daily of returning to the desert, but her heart is in the Pacfic Northwest. 

She loves planning adventures equally as much as the adventure itself, and it shows in her work. She’s most fulfilled by human connection, good films, and quiet mountain mornings.

Kyle, Radagast Creative, Videography

meet kyle.

He’s the kid who never used an agenda in school, but still got straight A’s. He’s the gearhead and has Italian eyebrows that’ll make your nana proud. He has more patience than any human should, and makes sure Chelsea remembers to eat when she gets deep in work.

In a past life, he worked for an ad agency bopping around one corner of the U.S. to another as a videographer. Since pursuing Radagast, he took an oath to swear off quantity over quality.

He loves reading fantasy fiction, playing hockey, and pasta primovera after long days backpacking.

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